Best L’EQUIP Nutrimill Grain Mill

Best L’EQUIP Nutrimill Grain Mill

Now available L’EQUIP Nutrimill Grain Mill information and reviews.

Best L'EQUIP Nutrimill Grain Mill

FEATURED : L’EQUIP Nutrimill Grain Mill

  1. 20 Cup capacity grain mill that keeps all the vitamins and nutrition in every batch of flour
  2. The world’s first variable texture control mill for creating fine or course flour
  3. Grinds non-oily grains with precision grain feed control; No gumming, no overheating, no jamming, no hassle
  4. Multi-channel air flow for better motor cooling and longer mill life, self cleaning milling chamber that is easy to use
  5. Limited lifetime warranty

Why mill your own flour, when it’s so readily available? Commercial mills remove 30 percent of the wheat kernel, removing the most nutritious part of the grain to make white flour. Commercially milled flour also removes all of the wheat germ oils to prevent it from going rancid and preserving the flour’s shelf-life. Ninety percent of the nutritional value of the wheat berry is contained in the wheat germ. Wheat germ oil has almost no shelf life and becomes rancid very quickly. Rancid oil is a carcinogen; government health regulations require the removal of the wheat germ oil from all commercially milled flours to ensure safety. Milling your own flour not only ensures that your flour is as nutritious as it can be, it has a wonderful taste that is lost to commercially made whole-grain flour. Whole grains are important for numerous reasons: strokes, heart attacks, clogged arteries and cardiovascular problems can be prevented when whole grains are eaten regularly. The L’Equip NutriMill is a wonderful way to add nutritious grains to your healthy diet. With it’s 20 cup capacity, variable texture control, quiet operation and easy to use self-cleaning milling chamber, you’re minutes away from that first batch of fresh-baked bread.

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